Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ha, giggling at the title of this blog post, sound like anything? A naughty cocktail maybe? 
I've given it this name with good reason though as you will see! I was unsure about whether to document my outfits during my holiday to Greece, and eventually I decided not to, as I know how stroppy I am in the hot weather and I won't want to stand still for longer than 3 seconds! However, flicking through my photos, I found enough pictures of me in this outfit to justify sharing it with you all!

Months and months in advance of my holiday, I purchased this Topshop beach cover-up dress in both mint and white as I thought it'd be perfect to transition me from a casual beach day, to a smarter evening. It was the perfect holiday dress for me, however it's very see-through, so I took the opportunity to wear my Triangl bikini underneath!

Me and my boyfriend hired bikes as we had little way of getting around, (that didn't involve exhausting our feet!), and I didn't want to be on a bike with my dress blowing up, so I borrowed his check flannel shirt to cover my modesty! Also, it gives the outfit a bit of an edge I think?!

I'll leave the rest to the pictures, which show nice variety of what we did that day! 
I do regret not taking more pictures blog-wise on holiday, so I guarantee i'll suck it up and do it next year!

Oh, and as you can see, I took full advantage of the Triangl bikini bag and used it as my bag for the entire holiday! 

BIKINI - c/o TRIANGL - $79
BAG - c/o TRIANGL - (comes with bikini)
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