Friday, August 1, 2014


Ew! How horrible is this weather?! Totally not ideal as tomorrow is my day off, so fingers crossed it improves! Regardless, in true blogger fashion, I shot some pictures in a completely inappropriate outfit!

Anyway, let's talk about this pretty little Missguided number. I bought this a little while back, and I've worn it quite a few times since, but I hadn't featured it on my blog yet, so since I'd just received these p e r f e c t princess-y shoes from Simmi Shoes, I thought it was time to show it off! I love the cross-back detail, and the cute little pom-pom edging, it gives so much extra to what could potentially fall under the 'basic swing dress' category. (Also, I think I might be a little obsessed with the print as I purchased the matching trousers!).

So, the shoes! I was super excited when I was contacted by Simmi Shoes, asking if I'd be interested in receiving a pair of their shoes. Of course, after seeing so many beautiful pairs from them all over Instagram, I had no trouble deciding! These are SO gorgeous. Literally the perfect chunky pair of princess shoes. I shared a picture of them on my Instagram, and everyone was in love with them just as much as I am!

Finally, even though this outfit is very much pinks and greens, I couldn't help but think it was missing some yellow, so I popped on my pretty yellow statement necklace from London Style. Believe me when I tell you how amazing the quality of this necklace is, the diamonds are stunning and sparkle like crazy! They have so many beautiful pieces, and I have another one to show you all in pretty pastels, so keep your eyes out!

I cannot tell you how much that strand of hair is destroying my life.

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