Monday, August 25, 2014


As I'd imagine you all know, I am the craziest kimono lady on this Earth, so realising that A/W is rapidly approaching certainly rocked my emotions as I worried I'd have to part with my with dear kimonos! So as it turns out, you can buy grungier shades of kimono?! Genius! There's me thinking it was only acceptable to rock the neons and pastels. 

I actually bought this little beauty in the New Look sale a while back, but I couldn't bring myself to showcase the darker colours whilst it's still.. 'Summer'.. 
I found the perfect opportunity upon receiving yet another incredibly elegant two-piece from Hedonia.
You may have seen an older post of me wearing a gorgeous white two-piece from Hedonia, and how much I raved about the elegance and beauty of it. Well now that they're releasing they're new collection, I was super lucky to receive the A/W take on the two-piece trend! 
It has lovely mesh/caged detailing on the shoulders of the top, and just above the hem of the skirt. I really don't like super short skirts or dresses, so the length of this is just right for me, and the fact you can only see a couple of inches of leg in between gets the thumbs up from me!

Looking over my outfit, this is quite a classic 'Nicole' look really. Kimono? Check. Two-piece? Check. Primark? Check!
What can I say? I'm consistent!
Primark has so many gorgeous shoes in at the moment, and I was thrilled when I spotted these very 'Dr Marten' style cut out shoes. They had them in black too, but the burgundy looked so much more expensive. Certainly a lot more than the £14 price tag!

So how did I do at A/W fashion? Am I coping with the inevitable season change? 
I'm trying!

KIMONO - NEW LOOK (in sale!)
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