Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You may be completely sick of seeing me in kimonos by now, but I can't stop! 
I've had this one for a little while now, and it's another absolute babe of a kimono from Missguided! The fashion Gods.
I think I have around 16 maxi kimonos now, and I'm still not over them. All I can can say is, I seriously wish I had all of them on my holiday! 
I actually caught my Mum trying this one on and striking a few poses in the mirror, quite the sight.. quite the sight. I don't blame her though, it's such a beautiful combination of colours, and they compliment each other so well. You could wear this with white pieces, or play on the colours of the kimono for a really funky outfit!

I have this dress in plain white, and I was originally going to wear that, but after bagging this baby in the Topshop sale, it was clearly a match-made in heaven!
I'm obsessed with these 'tiered' swing dresses in Topshop, and I find with them being so simple, they're the perfect summer dress. For me, they're a timeless piece in my summer wardrobe as I love to be comfortable in the warmer weather, and dress fairly simply.

These shoes and bag practically live on my blog, and they're the perfect combination with the clean white faux leather look. 
(I won't go into them as you've probably heard about them 1,000,000 times!).

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