Thursday, August 28, 2014


It seems I'm no longer resisting the charms of A/W fashion, that's it, I'm hanging up my kimonos, and accepting summer is ending! (Okay, we all know I can't let go of my treasured kimonos).

Anyway, this is a hugely exciting post for me as I'm insanely lucky enough to be working with my beloved Missguided on some A/W looks!! It's so excited for me to be reaching these goals that I've set for myself, and seeing how far I come, and I pray I make even further progress in the near future!

I've always loved the look of the suede coats with a sheepskin underlay, but the fitting of them was always such a pain for me as I have broad shoulders, and they're generally stiff fitting, but oh my goodness. I cannot express how incredibly the fit and material of this coat is. I've been rambling to my blogging friends and my family about how crazy perfect it is! I even made my boyfriend have a snuggle with it, haha!
There is a tan and black version as well I believe, so I'm really temped to get a hold of one of those! 
Honestly guys, so soft. So damn soft.

My best friend bought me this gorgeous two-piece for my birthday, (she knows me well!). I love the way two-pieces are being transitioned into the colder seasons. The colours of this are perfect, taking on the deeper burgundy shades, yet still featuring the pastel pinks I'm obsessed with. 

I accessorised this look with these super shiny burgundy brogues, and my even newer addition to my growing Grafea family, the camera bag! 
The colour of the brogues compliments the wintery shades of the flowers on the two-piece, and is a great alternative to heels.. certainly one my feet will appreciate! Adding an androgynous twist to a girly outfit is something I've always been in to, so I have a feeling brogues will be a staple in my A/W wardrobe. 
I'm thinking of doing a post solely on the Grafea camera bag, as I think a lot more needs to be said about it than a little sum up in an outfit post! I'll keep it to a minimum for now, but keep an eye out for a post regarding this baby, as I feel this is such a versatile bag and there's lots for me to say! 

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