Thursday, August 21, 2014


So this is possibly the most exciting blog post I have ever done as it's featuring............. my very first Grafea bag!!!! 
It was my birthday on Tuesday, and I was completely spoilt. I received not only one, but TWO grafea bags! The lilac one featured today was from my absolutely amazing boyfriend, (shoutout to the bae, hehe), and I got the pink holdall from my parents! 
I could shed a tear when I look at them both, they're like my children! I think I have the 'Grafea bug' now though, and I have my eye firmly on the pink camera bag!
I can confirm the rumours are true, and they are of incredible quality! It's worth saving up for or splashing out on, and I fully intend on owning a very large collection!

Another one of my amazing presents isn't part of my outfit, but part of the photography! Yep, I now own the 50mm lens! It's quite difficult to get used to, hence why some of these pictures are slightly fuzzed, but I believe this is the start of a beautiful relationship..... with my camera......(????).

Okay, the outfit! I'm very lucky to be given the opportunity to frequently work with Miss Pap, a brand that I absolutely adoooore, so I always thoroughly enjoy receiving gorgeous pieces from them! This set is the most perfect A/W transitional two-piece, as it has the summery floral print and cut, but takes on a sleek monochrome colour. It makes it so easy to chuck on your favourite chunky coat and boots, and boom, you're an A/W queen!
I'd recommend sizing down in the top if you're after a snug fit, but if you like it comfortable and oversized, stick to your normal size!

This jacket is an absolute killer, and now a firm staple in my wardrobe. Since getting a hold of the pastel blue duster coat from Asos, I've been hell-bent on tracking down a black one, but for a friendlier price! Well, well, well, what can I say? Primark, you came through! I managed to pick up my dream duster for only £17!!! They had it in white too, but the unfortunate orange make-up stains meant I had to pray for a next time.

My hat and shoes have certainly been featured more than once, but they are from Asos and Public Desire, (respectively), for you newbies!!

On a random note, I'm so enjoying blogging, it's given a lot of meaning to my life, and I am so grateful for all of these incredible opportunities I have been given. The future is exciting!


Remember, you can get 10% off on Miss Pap using the code 'AUGUST10OFF'!
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