Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Normally, the weather wouldn't stop me tooooooo much when shooting an outfit, but with the combination of torrential rain and wind, I decided to hold off until it was somewhat acceptable!

I've never really been a fan of the 'clubbing scene', however I have a secret love for 'clubbing fashion', I can't help it! There's something so cool about crazy bright colours and cute 90's fashion. I'd say this look is very acceptable for a clubbing holiday in Ibiza! (If only I could have shot the pictures there..). 

I was very kindly sent this incredible dress from Moonstruck Ibiza, an online store selling the cutest pieces, very much clubbing style!
Does it remind you of anything? The AA halter-neck dress maybe? Yep! It's literally an exact dupe of the American Apparel lycra halter-neck dress. I own three dresses in this style, two being from American Apparel, yet none of them feel as good quality as this one! 
This dress is so much softer, and doesn't require a bra, (in my opinion), unlike the others!

I wanted this kimono when it first came out a couple of years ago in H&M, but I wasn't quick enough, and I certainly wasn't going to pay the extortionate prices on eBay, so I was thrilled when I found it on Depop for........... £5!!!!! An absolute steal.
It's possibly a little too bright for day to day wear, but for a holiday or festival, it's perfect!

There's no such thing as a clubbing outfit without a little holographic, and I'm a sucker for anything shiny, so of course I'm wearing my go-to Public Desire babies! 

(Interesting lighting????).

DRESS - c/o MOONSTRUCK IBIZA (now on sale!)
SHOES - c/o PUBLIC DESIRE (on sale too!)
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