Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Okay, so I suppose I should point this out before people think I haven't quite noticed.. 
Yes, I am fully aware that my hair is a completely failed attempt at blue-y green ombre. If it wasn't for the fact I've just answered the door to a magnificent Grafea delivery, I would be one grumpy lady.
I do have a consultation at the hairdressers today, so fingers crossed I'm not stuck with mould hair for much longer! 

Moving on to the outfit, I purchased this as one of my options to wear on Christmas Day, but as the day arrived, I opted for comfy trousers and a t-shirt.. whoops. I couldn't not share it with you guys though as it's so pretty!
The suit is from Pretty Little Thing, and is on sale for around £7.50 now.. eek! I almost want to purchase it again for that price! (I won't though.. that would be ridiculous).

My shoes are also from Pretty Little Thing, and are a fabulous addition to my growing fluffy-shoe collection. Let's hope they stay white! 

I'd had my eye on this sassy little clutch bag for absolutely ages, and after a lot of umm-ing and ah-ing, I decided to buy it, only to find it was out of stock! For some reason I randomly checked it again, and it was back in stock! (and on sale, might I add), so I obviously had to buy it. Does anyone else get more of an urge to buy something when it's out of stock? I think it's the child me in me wanting things I can't have!
The bag itself isn't very spacious, but makes such a cute accessory.

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  1. Such a cute clutch bag! Loving this shine to this suit!

  2. lovely outfit!

  3. Oh my god, everything about this outfit is my absolute dream! I have that silver suit too but that bag and shoes!! Anything fluffy or unicorn-y has to be mine! Haha.

    The Glitter Den



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