Sunday, January 25, 2015


I have to say, not only is the title of this post apt due to the ice-y blue tones of my outfit, but also because it was bloody freezing! Literally.. I died a death out there. Summer, please hurry!

I imagine some of you are familiar with Lily Lulu if you're no stranger to the blogger world, but if not, this dress is from their new collection which is SO Kim K. Minimal, muted, and so chic. I originally thought this dress was a loose cami dress, but it turns out it's quite fitting. It's perfect with some knee-highs, and I went for an obvious choice.. those ASOS boots.

I think I'm definitely aspiring to be Kylie Jenner here.. (and failing), but she's definitely been seen rocking a similar number to this ice blue duster. I purchased this last summer, and it's been perfect for those not so chilly days, (although probably not quite January appropriate!).

To compliment the blue in the coat, and the blue in my hair, I went for my baby blue Grafea bag. I genuinely don't use any other bags now!

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  1. Love thisss! Seems like you have a thing for blue lately girl! Loving it though! Also, I've noticed you are extremely good at doing your own make-up! <3


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