Sunday, January 4, 2015


Unfortunately, there was very few images featuring my face I could use for this blog post and I was having a bloody awful time with my camera. Basically I think my memory card corrupted, and I only realised when I got outside to shoot, so it was all a big faff! My face was similar to the furious red emoji face.. not good.

This was the outfit I wore on New Year's Eve for a night in with our friends. The only difference being I had a black velvet top on, which is currently in the wash due to major cocktail spillage, whoops. 

I love all things striped, so when I spotted this blazer on sale on Boohoo, it was a no brainer. 
I wouldn't personally wear it as a coat in this weather, but for dashing from the car to the indoors, it's totally acceptable. 

As we were just chilling indoors, I didn't want to be all 'high-heels, short-skirt', so I opted for my super comfy Miss Pap jeans. I didn't want my outfit to be tooooo dull though, so I pretty much doused myself in anything and everything burgundy!
OH! Anybody notice anything????.. I have a new Grafea! I am now the proud owner of the Wine Hari rucksack. 
This was a huuuge surprise from my boyfriend for Christmas, and I've literally used it every single day since. So 2014 saw me get my first Grafea bag.. and my fifth! Go me.
I wonder how many I'll accumulate in 2015? 

Anyway, I do apologise for the lack of pictures, but my face isn't that interesting anyway.

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