Saturday, December 13, 2014


Since me and my boyfriend luckily had a day off together, he very kindly offered to shoot a few sets of pictures for me! Yay! 
I brought my dog with me today, and he hated it, oops. He's not really an 'outdoorsy' dog, preferring the comfort of his own home with lots of warmth and snuggles. I don't blame him in this instance, the bitter cold was atrocious. We soldiered on, however!

I've had this Pretty Little Thing matching suit for a couple of weeks now, and it has been worn a little too much. It's my go-to outfit at the moment, and it's seen me through the Christmas Markets, a very exciting photoshoot with Branded Lab PR, a day's shopping, and numerous other occasions. It would be inappropriate of me not to show it to you all, as it's been such a favourite of mine. Although you can't see it because of my jumper, the trousers are high-waisted and incredibly flattering. I find it such an easy suit to wear as it consists of two very basic colours, therefore I can throw in any colour I like!

As it is undeniably cold, I paired suit with my new H&M jumper. I wasn't particularly pleased to be spending £30 on a jumper, but I went back to it on four different occasions, so obviously I couldn't leave it behind. 

I've really been loving Pretty Little Thing at the moment, and frequently find myself browsing all of their beautiful clothes. I made another purchase over the Black Friday weekend, and I'll be showing that in my next post!


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