Tuesday, December 16, 2014


After receiving a positive response to my last 'Sleek' beauty post, (linked here), I decided to go ahead and share another Sleek beauty favourite of mine!

In the Summer, I was accumulating lots of 'Kylie Jenner-esque' lip sticks, glosses and liners, and I picked up the perfect '90's nude' matte gloss from Sleek. At a very affordable £4.99, I thought I'd give it a try! 
I love the opaque finish, and the fact it does't budge all day! I haven't used a lip liner for my swatches, but I'd probably use MAC Whirl to add a little definition.

Shade - Birthday Suit

The next two shades are glosses that I got for free with my Sleek 'Eau La La' lip liner purchases. After having already used and loved this gloss in the shade 'Birthday Suit', I was eager to pick up a few brighter shades to try out!
Although it looks very pink in the picture below, the gloss is actually very purple, and almost identical to MAC Flat Out Fabulous, and certainly a cheaper alternative!
This is one of my favourites, and again, the colour pay-off is incredible. 

Shade - Fandango Purple

My third and final shade, (for now), is deep, bright orange. Quite the contrast to it's name of 'Party Pink'.
It may not quite be the time of year to be rocking summery oranges, but who's going to stop you stocking up for the coming seasons?!

Shade - Party Pink

I've tried a fair few 'matte glosses', most of which have been incredibly drying, and have immediately cracked and flaked away, but these little gems are the perfect alternative to a lipstick, and much more lasting. Also, the accuracy of application is made so much easier as the nib is very precise.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Have any of you tried these glosses bef

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  1. Before your wore these lip-glosses or MAC lipsticks, what did you wear before hand? :) x

    1. Oh my I can't even remember, haha! I think I was wearing the Topshop lipsticks, oh! and the Rimmel Kate Moss ones too! xx

  2. Ahh okayy :) seriously wanting a MAC lipstick! Been thinking about trying out the Topshop ones as I've heard good things about them xx


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