Saturday, December 13, 2014


Woop! I'm back with another beauty post. It's 11.10pm, and I've just shot these images! This is excellent for somebody who loves blogging, but doesn't have the privilege of enjoying daylight hours, *cough* work *cough*. 

About a week or so ago, I was browsing the beauty section in Boots, and I picked up two lip liners from Sleek. Since then, I'm sad to say I haven't even reached for one of my MAC lip liners. Sorry! These are the most pigmented, creamiest lip liners I have ever tried. So good, that I went back a few days ago and picked up two more shades! I would have had the whole collection, but the other few shades weren't my cup of tea. Boots are currently running an offer, where if you purchase any two Sleek beauty products, you receive one of their 'Matte Me' lip glosses for free. (So now I have two of those!). Let me know if you'd like a review/post on those.

(from left to right) Shades - Venom, Lingerie, Dragon Fruit & Raisin

Here is a little swatch of what they're like with one stroke. The pigmentation is incredible, and they glide on like a dream. (The colours in order are, 'Lingerie', 'Dragon Fruit', 'Venom' & 'Raisin').

From the feedback from my last beauty post featuring my MAC lipstick collection, I decided to show you these on my lips, with the lipstick I'd wear with them! I hate my lips, and I'm no professional when it comes to putting lip liner on, but here you go!

Liner -  Lingerie
Lipstick - MAC Captive

Liner - Dragon Fruit
Lipstick - MAC Girl About Town

Liner - Venom
Lipstick - MAC Rebel

Liner - Raisin
Lipstick - MAC Cyber

(For some reason, this lipstick came out really patchy on the camera, but in person it doesn't, I promise!).

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, or if this has inspired you to try out this lip liner! Also, I love trying new products, so if anyone could recommend me any liners to try out, please do!

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  1. Loving these shades, what are the pricing of them and also are they very drying on your lips without the MAC lipsticks?


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