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Happy December! Apologies for not putting any posts up for the past week or so, I've mentioned it before, so to sum up my absence in a few words.. work and weather. Grr.
Fortunately, I don't need lighting or weather to pop up a little beauty post, so here we are! 
I've been collecting MAC lipsticks for quite a while now, and to date, I've accumulated 22, however I know of another four that I'm receiving for Christmas, (eek!).
I popped a little picture up on my Instagram showcasing my collection, and I asked if anyone would be interested in me posting about it, which generated a positive response!
I shot my pictures in categories of 'finishes', so there're a variety of colours in each section. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the art of shooting pictures like a beauty blogger, but I'm hoping they're sufficient!


I actually only have one lipstick in this finish! Shock. This is a fairly recent one, and one I purchased for the Winter season. I'm not the biggest fan of this finish, as I feel it's a little too sheer for me. However, if you're looking for a more subtle wintery shade, this one is perfect as it's very build-able. 

Shade - Hang Up


Now this is what I'm talking about. 'Matte' is by far my favourite finish that MAC offers. The opacity is excellent, and you get a really nice rich, pigmented colour. The staying power is second to none, and I often even struggle to get it off at night after wearing it since the morning! I sadly do agree with the masses of beauty fanatics out there pointing out how drying it can be on your lips. Boo! Oh well, we can't have everything!

(from left to right) Shades -  All Fired Up, Velvet Teddy, Diva, Relentlessly Red, Russian 
Red & Heroine


'Satin', is my second favourite MAC finish. I find it has very similar opacity to the 'matte' finished, but a lot creamier and smoother on the lips. Looking back at this photo, I seem to have hoarded a lot of similar shades.. oops! 

(from left to right) Shades - Cyber, Rebel, Captive, Amorous, Twig & Brave


This is a super bright finish, or at least it is in the shades I own! It basically does what it says on the tin. The colour is a lot brighter, and seems to accelerate as you apply it. I find this particular finish perfect for the Summer months, and adds a lovely, fun pop of colour to any outfit.

(from left to right) Shades - Red Balloon, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Craving, Morange & Up The Amp


Actually, I take back what I said about 'cremesheen' being my least favourite finish. I have to say that 'lustre' has stolen that title, and are actually my least used MAC lipsticks. I didn't realise just how transparent the finish is, and it's not my favourite look. It's very wearable, but I don't often stray from a bold lip, so these two babies are no stranger to collecting dust!

(from left to right) Shades -  Milan Mode & Lustering

Okay, so I didn't intend on doing a 'my favourite MAC lipstick' image, but I accidentally forgot to include it in my 'matte' range. It truthfully does happen to be my favourite lipstick though, hence why it was in my bag!

This is my, 'I'm bad, beautiful and sassy' lipstick, and I crack this baby out when I'm not feeling my best, or I need a confidence booster.

Shade - Flat Out Fabulous

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed this post! It was thoroughly enjoyable to make, and I think I might make a few more beauty related posts if you're interested! I love trying new products, and I know I've asked for lots of new make-up to try for Christmas, so expect to see a few more popping up!

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