Sunday, October 5, 2014


I'm sure you're all pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of duster coats hitting the shops,  and I'm sure you've all seen it in the very on-trend 'grid' print! Well, I absolutely love it. I want grid print everything. It's such an edgy twist to what would be your basic monochrome look. 
I picked this classic duster up from Ark whilst they were offering 20% student discount! I wouldn't mind owning the reverse colours in this duster coat as well, but my bank balance has told me I must stop and I must stop now!

I love higher necked crop tops, and I spotted this one in Primark amongst a variety of other colours, so I picked a few of them up! They're the perfect basics, and for only £2.50.. it's only right to get them all?
I've not worn skater skirts much recently, but I pulled this one out from the pile as I thought it was cute and simple. As much as I agree that skater skirts can look 'childish', I also think they can be quite girly and cute!

I've been wearing my good old Topshop peep-toe shoes quite a lot at the moment as they're so so comfortable, but I worry I'm going to have to pack them away again soon when the weather is no longer on my side! I'm in desperate need in finding the perfect A/W boot.
To bring out the pink in my little top, I decided to use my pink Grafea camera bag! Although I absolutely adore my pastel shades of Grafea, I'm really struggling to include them in my A/W outfits, so I really need to get a hold of a more suitable shade! 

How're you all liking the new location? This isn't particularly far from my house, however I'm a little nervous I'm trespassing where I shouldn't! Ah well, until I get told otherwise or shot by a farmer, hopefully this is suitable!
(Ps, the wind was destroying my hair, photos, life.. so sorry!).

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