Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I placed an overdue order on Fashion Union and I purchased quite a few autumnal pieces! I'm currently struggling to not only afford all of the beautiful items being thrust upon my eyes, but to find space for them too! I'm in the process of getting my bedroom re-done so I'm able to fit more of my clothes in, but I could probably do with a walk-in-wardrobe, and that's just for coats!

As I was saying, I picked up a few autumnal pieces from Fashion Union, and I'm pleased that they're stocking some cute seasonal two-pieces! It was a tough decision between this one, and a green zig-zag set, but I was swayed by the more earthly shades. 
I'd be incredibly surprised if you hadn't seen this coat knocking about the blogging world as yes, it's the famous 'Kim Kardashian' Missguided camel coat! I purchased this as soon as it was released on to the website, and I absolutely adore it. It truly is very Kim, and the lack of hardware/buttons makes it look so chic. 
I decided to play on the more neutral colours with this look, and with camel being super on-trend this season, it was quite an obvious choice!

Both my hat and my shoes are from Primark. The hat is a very recent purchase whilst I was doing a bit of retail therapy in Manchester! I've wanted a camel fedora/floppy hat for absolutely ages, but the only one I ever liked was from American Apparel, and lets face it, I'm no millionaire.. so spotting this was like hitting the jackpot!
My shoes are 'the' chunky shoes which sold out almost immediately! When I first bought them, I got very little wear out of them because I was on a black chunky shoe high, but they're definitely making their way back into my staple wardrobe! 
My bag is an oldie but goodie from H&M, cheap and cheerful! Everyone needs a simple black bag.. I just wish mine was a Grafea, haha!

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