Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I've rabbited on about, I've been on the hunt for some new/unique locations for my blog pictures, and discovering this creepy, colourful surrounding called for an impromptu shoot! 
I purchased this super sparkly crop top whilst browsing in Primark. I'm a sucker for anything holographic, shiny, sparkly.. you name it! My boyfriend thinks I'm like a magpie.. quite true actually! The price was a pleasant surprise at only £8, a pittance compared to the outrageous price tags in the likes of American Apparel!
Since I wore the most simple outfit ever, I decided to jazz it up with the showy crop top, and my beloved Grafea. 

Unfortunately the coat hasn't come across as fabulous in these pictures as I'd have liked, but seriously girls, if you get the chance, head down to H&M and pick this baby up! I was so beyond shocked when I discovered it was only £24.99!! This is up there with the £90 Topshop coats, and I managed to track it down in my size in my local store after failing to in the Manchester branch! With a little help of 20% student discount, it would have been stupid to leave it behind.. regardless of the 1,000,000 coats I have already acquired this season. 

By the state of my hair, I'm sure you've all cottoned on that the weather wasn't particularly kind to me, so I do apologise for looking so poop. We did try to shelter underneath some lorry.. type.. thing.. but still ended up soaked anyway!

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