Thursday, October 30, 2014


This is a happy time for me for multiple reasons. 1. I've finally managed to venture out and shoot some pictures, and 2. GRAFEA. I HAVE A BABY GRAFEA!!!!!!!
On a slightly damper note, I was supposed to be going to London today for an event, but I've been so unwell recently, and I need time to reboot my system! I decided I'd shoot the pictures for the outfit I was going to wear to it, and share it with you all on my blog! 

I've just realised pretty much all of the clothes I'm wearing are from ASOS! Ha! Anyway, I literally purchased this dress for the sole purpose of wearing it to the event, but I'm actually so in love with it. It's so me, and the fact that it's a simple monochrome makes it easily pair-able with all of my brightly coloured Grafea's!
I have near-enough every single colour coat, but I was oddly missing a black one! I bought this one a while back from ASOS, and it comes in handy when I'm going for simplicity.
I popped this long-sleeved white top underneath to add a layer, and to bring out the white in the dress! It's just a good ol' basic from Primark.

The shoooOooOooOooOES. (That was so necessary). 
If you haven't seen these floating around the blogsphere.. where you been girl?! They're of course the highly coveted ASOS 'Ka Ching' boots! I'd wanted these since I'd laid my eyes on them, but unfortunately my bank balance was screaming no.. Well, when I'd seen that they were out of stock, my love for them grew dramatically, (much like a child who can't have what they want!). I was actually in Tunisia when I purchased them, thank the Lord for free wi-fi! They're very comfortable, and so versatile with the chunky heel. 

Obviously the main focus of this outfit is the bright blue beautiful bag! My dreams came true when offered a baby of my choice! (A bag.. not an actual baby..), and since I'd been after a blue one for a while, it was the clear winner! The baby Grafea bags are their new line of miniature 'Hari' bags. The collection currently consists of blue, lilac, pink, white, black, red and wine, but they're rapidly adding more colours, so you're never going to be short for choice! 
I own the 'bigger' Hari bag in lilac, and although the baby is undeniably smaller, it's still the perfect size to fit all of your essentials and more! As much as I'm devoted to my lilac rucksack, I can't help but feel the smaller size is more beneficial whilst trying to push through queues, or dash past people! Seriously, I think I have a Grafea addiction. I have my eyes firmly on 'Wine'. Big or small, I need it!

PS! The baby Grafea bags are currently on offer, so I urge you to buy them all....... NOW!

(Also, they're good for dogs too!)

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  1. Finally found a blogger who's wearing the KA CHING boots- they look fab, can't wait to get mine! xx


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