Monday, August 28, 2017

Must Have Products For A Flawless Base

I've been trying so many new products recently, and I have bucket-loads of content to share. I really didn't know where to begin, but I was bursting to share these two items with you as they've teamed together to create my most flawless skin yet. 

Too Faced is a brand I more or less always have successes with, but having products become firm favourites in my make-up routine takes something extra special. 

I'm kind of late to the party with this primer.. oops. I'd wanted to try it since it was raved about from people I know to huge influencers and finally I have! I struggle to get obsessed with a primer as I'm not entirely sure they're ever 'life-changing', (as I totally expect all of my make-up to be). I usually look at how a primer instantly makes my skin look when judging a primer as opposed to the longevity, (seems a bit silly really), but this is possibly the first time I've felt like my make-up stays put and I can go the whole day without sigh-ing at patchy foundation. In regards to reviving my skin I'm not sure I can comment as I'm quite an oily gal meaning my skin is pretty lively anyway, but it feels so refreshing and rejuvenating. I must comment on the scent which smells just like coconut water. I do like the scent, but it definitely has that 'earthy' vibe. Overall this is a killer product, and I have my eyes on the setting spray next.

Please. Stop what you're doing and purchase this powder immediately. It's that life-changing. I really hadn't heard much about this powder before buying it, but like I said above, I'm usually pretty successful when it comes to Too Faced products, so I had reasonable hope. I felt like I hadn't found the setting powder of my dreams. Sure, I love the Laura Mercier powder, the Kat Von D one passes, but I really wanted one that was going to take my base to astronomical levels. (Really, I don't ask for much!). 
PS, if you hadn't already guessed.. I found it!
This powder blurs my skin out to perfection. It's like looking at my skin without glasses on aka a dream. I don't find it drying under my eyes yet it keeps my concealer in place with not a crease in sight. My only complaint is the packaging as it has this odd lid on top that means I struggle to dispense the product. A minor problem but one to mention for sure. 
If you're on the market for a new setting powder, or even if you're not and you couldn't care less about a setting powder, please give this one a go! 

Who knew I could write a short story on a setting powder? Let's call it passion for make-up..
Let me know below your favourite products for your flawless base! 


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