Monday, August 7, 2017

Beauty Trends - Liquid Highlighters

I'm back with another beauty trends post! This time I want to discuss liquid highlighters. They've been around for quite some time, but it's only recently that we're seeing brands of all shapes and sizes release their own take on the trend. 

Liquid highlighting isn't my first choice for a few reasons. Finding a formula that works alongside your foundations and other make-up is quite the challenge. Who else has done a full face of make-up only to trip at the last hurdle with a dodgy liquid highlighter?! That, and the more subtle finish is generally what steers me away. Because of this, I don't own a huge amount of them in comparison to my ever-growing powder highlighter collection, but the ones that I do own caught my eye. 

Shades L to R - Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Aventurine & Amethyst 

If you know me, you'll know I'll buy pretty much anything Colour Pop releases. I was particularly interested in the 'Crystal' collection as it was a whole host of products that Colour Pop had never created before. Since the price is always right, I decided to pick up all four of the liquid highlighters to put to the test. 

I've tried them a variety of ways, mixing them in with my foundation and using them as intended, a liquid highlighter. With them being that on-trend holographic effect, mixing them with foundation isn't a great option as they alter the colour of my foundation. However, they were beautiful as an actual liquid highlighter! I was pleasantly surprised when I dabbed on the product to my cheekbones and was left with a beautiful duochrome luminosity. Yes, they are subtle, but the shift in colour makes them much more interesting than your average highlighter.

These are genuinely a game changer when it comes to liquid highlighters. They don't come cheap, but they certainly pack a punch. This is the only liquid highlighter I've found that isn't subtle and provides an intense glow with one drop! There's quite a few different shades, but I opted for a classic icy champagne colour. I'm not sure you'd need more than one of these unless you're a die-hard fan, but as far as liquid highlighters go, these are in the lead!

This is a two-in-one product from Urban Decay, but all about 'that glow'. The prime function of this product is to mix it in with your foundation to create an illuminated base, but you can definitely use it to light up your cheekbones with an ethereal glow. I prefer it as the mix in medium, but it definitely adds a slightly radioactive looking effect if you add too much so be careful! As you can probably tell, I can't resist the more unusual shades of highlight so if you're like me, you'd love this tone of blue glistening on your cheekbones. 

That's all I have for liquid highlighters! I know so many people who opt for these over the powder option, it really depends on your preference! I'm sure there's one that suits everybody's taste, whether it's mixed in with your foundation, or dabbed on the high points of your face. Let me know in the comments any that you've found that you love!


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