Friday, April 25, 2014


Since buying these 'blogger boots', I've been dying to blog about them, however i've never seemed to find an outfit edgy enough to pair it with. I still haven't found the 'rocker-look' i'm going for, so this pretty pink gingham outfit is my ahem.. 'edgy' substitute. 
Ever since spotting the white version of these by Jeffrey Campbell last year, i've been after my own pair. Luckily, every single website remotely related to fashion is selling much more affordable ones! I found these ones on the ASOS sale page by the brand Truffle for only £40, therefore it was of course immediately sold to me. 

How I managed to justify wearing these big black heels with this pretty pink outfit, was the little black neoprene crop top. I thought it broke the colours up easily, allowing me to finally wear my scary shoes! I actually completely forgot I even has this top as it was buried away amongst my ever-growing collection of crop tops, so that was a lovely surprise. 

Anyone on the blogging scene or anyone who has visited a Primark in the last few months will know that they are absolutely killing the co-ord trend, and they're not stopping anytime soon! I was in the Manchester branch around a month ago, and I spotted these super cute gingham shorts on my way to the fitting room. When I saw them I actually remember saying, 'Ahh, I wish there was a matching jacket, this would be the perfect co-ord!'. It's obvious they heard my prayers as a month later, I now own the matching jacket! 

Providing I learn how to walk like a human-being in these shoes, this outfit is perfect for summer evenings! If all fails, I have enough black shoes to substitute that hopefully won't leave me on the floor!

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