Thursday, April 24, 2014


Ahhhhh hello! It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. I've had a busy time with work meaning i'm left with very minimal free time, and I've had a very busy time battling body issues.. to say the least. 
Anyway, I am back and I have lots of colourful outfits lined up to post about.
I'm a full-time shopper, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, so I manage to accumulate quite a lot of gorgeous pieces and this two-piece is by far one of my current favourites! I frequently peer into my wardrobe, longing to wear this, however I wanted to wait for the perfect weather, (which just so happened to be today). 
I ordered this from an online handmade clothing store Someday By Laura for £22. I've been after this flamingo print two-piece for so long, and for such a good price, how could I say no?
I received amazing service from the company, and the product arrived wrapped in a cute little silky pink bow which was a lovely bonus! I can't wait to strut around Greece in this two-piece, (ooh thats rhymes!).
As you can probably tell, I cannot resist these amazing La Moda sandals which have been featured quite a lot on my blog! They're just so perfect for any outfit. I'm majorly lusting after the white ones as I'm seriously lacking a pair of chunky white sandals. 
The final little accessory is these super cute white round sunnies from Primark. I already own the black pair, and when I spotted the white ones, I had to pick up a pair, (or two). 
Let's just say i'm the Queen and sunglasses are my throne, and this is why i'm only allowed cheap ones! 

As a side note, my dog loves to be in my pictures for some reason, so I thought i'd better feature him. Also, my bra of choice, (sports bra), was not ideal for this outfit as you can tell!

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