Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Face Essentials

As the weather is rapidly getting warmer, and the sun is shining, our makeup/beauty routine tends to adjust accordingly. I love my makeup to reflect the weather, and nothing screams summer more than a glowy base!

I discovered this product around a year ago when it was released in a beautiful summer range that KIKO created. At the time, I was a little dubious about slathering this over my already oily skin, but I've very much embraced my more 'radiant' complexion, (probably a nicer way to word it?), and I adore using this as a makeup base! It's a milky white consistency, and adds a gorgeous subtle glow to my skin. This would be a dream for those with dry skin. As this was a limited edition product, I've linked the updated version for you to check out!

As for getting your complexion in check, I've found I've been reaching for my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue for those days that I don't want a thick, heavy foundation on my skin. I'm somebody who needs my skin to breathe, and I'm not particularly fond of full coverage foundations, (regardless of whether my skin requires it or not!), so this is my best friend at the moment! It's not actually marketed as a foundation, but instead a 'tinted hydrating gel cream'. It does still provide a nice amount of coverage, so don't be put off by that. I find this to be very dewy, and I can often find myself needing to blot down my t-zone, but as I mentioned before, I don't mind a bit of extra 'glow'. Now, I'm not a girl who likes to apply foundation with my fingers, and I'm always straight in there with a buffing brush or beauty blender, but this really does require finger application. The only other option, which I'll be exploring in the next week is the dual-fibre brush that's designed for it. I applied the complexion rescue with it in the store a couple of days ago, and the result was beautiful!

I guess concealer is a pretty basic face product, but it's something I definitely avoid skipping! This doesn't necessarily apply to everybody, but I have fairly dark circles, or at least dark enough that when I don't wear concealer, I could easily be mistaken for a convict on the run.. so concealer is a must for me! I have a whole host of concealers that I love and would recommend, but I selected this one as it's the one I find I can wear without having the put the rest of my base on. It's lightweight, blend-able, and offers a natural glow to the skin.

This could possibly be favourite product out of the whole bunch, and I've had it for under a week! Some might say that's too soon to make a judgement on a product, but when you know, you know. Since purchasing this, I've used it every day. I'm confident that most of us had been awaiting the highly coveted 'cushion' products from L'oreal to land in the UK, and the minute I spotted them on the shelf at Boots, it was straight into the basket! I actually hadn't intended on purchasing the bronzer as I'm not really a 'bronzer girl', but when I swatched it on my hand, it was so natural and beautiful, I had to give it a go. I don't use the sponge applicator that comes with it, I use a dual-fibre stippling brush to buff it into the areas I'd usually contour to give some natural definition. I feel like I'm fully converted to this product, the fact that it's a cream/liquid consistency and gives my skin extra glow is a winner! 

I first heard of this blusher from Kathleen Lights, who raved about how beautiful this pot of peachy goodness was. Since we can't purchase Milani in the UK, I took to Amazon to pick up this gem for around £5! The price does vary as it's on Amazon, but either way I highly recommend picking this up when you can! It gives the softest peach glow to the cheeks, and I find myself reaching for this all the time in the warmer months.

I'm a huge fan of highlighters all year round, but there's something about a golden glow in the summer that really appeals to me! This is such a unique highlighter in my opinion as it has a beautiful sunny yellow undertone to it, it almost looks like the sun is beaming from your skin, (hence the name!). I'd have never thought to pick up a holy grain highlighter from a high street clothing store, but it's a winner for the warmer months. Perhaps this is more suited to those with a yellow undertone, but they do have other shades that might be worth checking out. The formula is buttery soft, and you get so much product for the mere £10 you pay. 

What is your makeup base routine in the summer? Comment below!
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