Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette

I guess you could say I'm a bit of a sucker for a hyped up product, and yes, often, they can be slightly disappointing. Nonetheless, I still had high expectations for this palette, and let me tell you, I've never used such incredible eyeshadows in my life. Quite a statement from me!

I was gutted when I missed out on the first sale of this palette, and since it was limited edition, I figured I'd be better off putting those dreams to bed as I was sure I'd never get a hold of it. Luckily they decided to restock the palette, and I was there at 6pm waiting, (impatiently), and by 6.01pm it was mine! I'm disappointed, but not surprised that I had a nasty little customs fee, but that's the risk you take when purchasing from overseas. 

I'd just like to point out that each one of these swatches is one swipe.. ONE SWIPE! I mean.. look at that black?! Each shadow feels like butter to touch, and they apply with the most intense pigment I've ever seen from an eyeshadow.
I personally prefer to apply the foiled shadows with my finger as I find it gives the most colour pay-off, but I have experimented with a brush too, it just requires more effort in my opinion!

These images don't show just how fabulous these foiled shadows are, but believe me when I say I nearly had a seizure when I swatched them.
You get a perfect selection of warm coppery tones, with variations of gold. 'Coin' is the truest gold I've ever seen, and I've been on the hunt for a true 24k gold eyeshadow for months now! Unfortunately, I dropped my palette the other day, and one of the pans fell out of the 'socket' (??), and one of the foiled shadows broke, but luckily they're so buttery soft that I was able to press it back in place!

I don't think I need to say anything here.. one swipe.. matte.. how?! I'm sure you all know the struggle of chalky, patchy matte eyeshadows! These are like velvet, and they blend out seamlessly. Seriously, you just need to dab your brush in the pan and you're good to go. I'd describe the majority of the mattes in this palette as perfect transition shades, and the warm tones compliment the shimmers like a dream.

The palette is still available on the Dose of Colors website here. It's quite pricey, but the quality blows the majority of high-end eyeshadows completely out of the water. 

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