Sunday, January 3, 2016

Must-Have Warm Eyeshadow Palettes

I couldn't think of any better way to return to blogging than with a post about warm eyeshadows. My love. I decided to gather my ultimate warm eyeshadow palettes that I seriously recommend you investing in. Some of them are of a lower price-point, and some are slightly pricer.. particularly one, but they're all of incredible quality and I gravitate to these most.

This palette is one of my all-time favourite palettes. The shade range is spot on, and so is the quality. There's a perfect variety of mattes and shimmers, and I've created so many different looks using this palette. It's currently on sale on Love Makeup, and is linked above! It's quite a small palette, and it has a decent sized mirror making it perfect for travelling too.
I'll let those swatches do the talking.. sweet mother of God.

This palette is for everybody in my opinion. It comes in the most gorgeous, sleek packaging, and contains ten warm, chocolatey shades. There are more shimmers than mattes, but the mattes are absolutely incredible! The shades 'substitute for love', and 'freshly toasted' are my dream crease shades. As with all Zoeva eyeshadows, the quality is amazing, and very well-priced too! 

I'm pretty confident that I've done a post on this palette, but if I haven't, then I definitely should have. It's the most amazing product that Makeup Revolution has ever come out with. The shade range is insane, and they've really taken note of the 2015 'marsala' trend. I will mention that the glittery shades aren't necessarily my favourite, and they're a little chunky, but the mattes.. THE MATTES. Good Lord, I get palpitations every time I use them! For £6.99, I'm happy to avoid the shimmers, so I definitely recommend this palette.

Now this is one pricey little guy. I've only swatched the top two rows as the bottom row consists of cool-tones. Unfortunately, these swatches don't do these eyeshadows any justice, but they are absolutely incredible. They're so easily blendable, super pigmented and are perfect for any look you want to create. It's definitely an investment piece, and not something I see your 'everyday make-up user' purchasing.. but if you're a make-up junkie like me, I'd definitely consider picking this up for your collection!

So this palette has been heavily covered by the beauty community over the past six or so months, and for a damn good reason. This is the mother of all warm palettes. Morphe did an excellent job with this, and it's on everybody wish-list! Unfortunately, this is often sold out, so if you find one in stock, don't even think about it, just snap it up immediately! There's a mixture of mattes, duochromes, foiled eyeshadows and shimmers. I've only swatched a selection of shades from the palette, but as you can see they're all so pigmented. They also blend beautifully, and for the price, you seriously can't go wrong. 

So there we have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please let me know what your favourite warm palettes are? I clearly can never have enough!

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  1. So impressed by all of these palettes! Especially the Morphe and Zoeva ones! THEY ARE SO PRETTY! I love how much you rave about your beauty palettes on Snapchat too xD Enter my giveaway if you like :)

    Isobel x
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