Monday, November 9, 2015

New in Beauty: Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Palette

I know I've been knocking out the product reviews recently, but they're my favourite posts to read! I feel like there's never enough out there, and someone else's opinion on a product always helps!
Since I've been trying a bunch of the new Freedom Makeup products, I quickly realised there wasn't enough if not hardly any reviews out there as they're so new! Hopefully I can help anyone looking to try some products from the brand!

This is the new Pro Highlight Palette, containing six cream highlighters, and two powder highlighters. 

Swatched on the top is the three creams on the left of the palette, and on the bottom is the three to the right of the palette. 

These are veeerrry creamy, they glide like butter. On application there is definitely a few that are better than others, but they're all incredibly shimmery and pretty.
The top middle shade is a little patchy as you can see from the swatch, and there's a silver shade next to it which I personally struggle to work as a highlighter, but it definitely makes a stunning cream eyeshadow!
The rest of the shades are beautiful, so intensely pigmented and give the most stunning glow to the face. I particularly love the first peach shade on the bottom row. These can definitely double up as cream eyeshadows, so for those neutral shimmer girls, this palette is a dream!

Here we have the two powder highlighters. You can see from the swatches how smooth they are. The powders aren't soft to touch, but that really makes no difference to how well they work, infact, they're some of the most pigmented highlighters that I own. They also make beautiful inner-corner highlighters!

This palette is only £6, and you can pick it up here!

What do you guys think?! Have you tried any Freedom Makeup products? What's your favourite highlighter?

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  1. Thanks Nicole, been looking around for cream highlighters and this is really pretty. It does look however a bit too shiny for some people. It's only $12 though..... decisions!
    Maybe it will look prettier as eye highlighters or used very sparingly :)
    Makeup artist Toronto,

  2. This palette is definitely something I want to try out! It looks such good quality and I'm really wanting to try out some creamy highlighters!

    Isobel x
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