Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Comparison: NYX Wonderstick or Freedom Makeup Contour Stick?

This is a first for my blog, a comparison post! I recently picked up these two products, and I've been thoroughly putting them to the test so I can share with you all what I think!

First up is the NYX Wonder Stick in 'Light' which I picked up on Feel Unique, (yes, they sell NYX!). I've wanted this product for sooooo long, so when it finally became available to us UK lot, I simply couldn't resist. 

I picked mine up in the shade 'Light', as it seemed to be the most 'grey-toned' out of the lot, but of course, you'd choose a shade most suitable to yourself.
This product is absolutely brilliant, from the colour, right down to the blend-ability. It's super creamy upon application, and you can apply it precisely to those areas you want to chisel out. Once blended, it creates a super natural shadow, and I opt for this when I want a more natural contour for daytime wear. 

I don't tend to use matte, cream highlighters, but I have been using this to accentuate the bridge of my nose, chin and centre of my forehead, and for that the colour is spot on. 

The other contour stick in question is the Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Shaped Stick, and I picked mine up in the shade 'Medium 02'. This seemed to be the most cool-toned out of the bunch, but I could have been wrong as there was no online swatches to work from, and I had to guess purely from the image online. 

As much as I love a cool-toned contour, this is SO pretty. It doesn't look orange in the slightest, it actually just looks like a beautiful warmth on your face, and with it being a cream products, it looks super natural, (if blended properly of course!). This applies beautifully, and blends just as well as any high-end product. 

As far as the highlighter is concerned, I'm not the biggest fan, purely as the shade is a little too peachy for me.

(The top two shades are Freedom, and the bottom two are NYX).

SO! The verdict is in!

The winner goes to..



Yes, I have chosen the NYX Wonder Stick as my winner, but this was a very tough decision to make!
It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality, as both of them are excellent and equal in my opinion, but more to do with shades. I much prefer the cool-toned shade of the NYX Wonder Stick, and the brighter highlighter. However, in the correct shade, I really think I'd struggle to choose!
There isn't much of price difference, with the NYX Wonder Stick being £10, and the Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Shaped Stick being £5. I have no regrets with either, and I would re-purchase both of them. 

(You can check them both out using the linked words above!).

SO! What do you guys think? Is there any other products you'd like me to put to the test? Let me know down below, or tweet me at @nicolecourchee!
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  1. I'd end up needing both due to the shade of the bronzer half of the freedom stick and the highlighter on the nyx stick being my favourites!

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