Sunday, January 26, 2014


It seems a little strange looking back at these pictures and seeing the bright colours against the horrible, dull wet background, but unfortunately thats living in the UK for you! However, i've managed to put myself into some brighter colours to try and lift my spirits.

I'm wearing this gorgeous white coat I picked up from my local Topshop 
in the sale which I think goes really nicely with these amaaaazing crisp white velcro sandals. I'd been looking for some for so long and I'd spotted pairs on the internet from Australia and America, but the shipping would work out more expensive than the shoes so I thought i'd hold on a little longer, which i'm so glad I did because I finally found this perfect pair on ASOS! At only £42 with an extra 20% off, it was completely sold to me, (I also bought the black ones too). 
Pretty much the focal point of this outfit to me, is the skirt. I found this beauty in New Look for only £17.99 and i've now gone on to purchase the pastel blue version which i'm waiting to arrive! 
The final basic touches to this outfit is this cute little crop top I bought from Primark last summer for around £3 and I find I always go back to this to tone down a 'loud' skirt, or to finish off a slouchy, (but put together) daytime look. The other Primark piece is a really recent purchase and is just a completely plain 'pleather' pink backpack and simply pulls the look together.
This is my first outfit post as well and i'm actually quite pleased how its turned out considering how nervous I was! 

SKIRT - NEW LOOK - £17.99
SHOES - ASOS - £42

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