Monday, June 6, 2016

Benefit Brow Launch

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past month, you would be fully aware, and anticipating possibly the biggest beauty launch in a long time, and that's the new Benefit brow range! There's a whole host of products being released to aid you all in the quest for fabulous eyebrows. A few oldie but goodies have been reformulated, re-packaged and had the shade range expanded, and then we have some fresh on the scene products too!

I feel very fortunate to have four of the products to show you in advance before they hit the shelves.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

First up, how perfect is the name?! I think we can all safely say that we've had our 'goofy' moments when it comes to brows.. and I guess now there's a product catered to those moments! This is very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer, in the sense that it has that 'slanted' applicator. Just like the brow definer, there's a spoolie at the other end of the wand to comb groom your brows post and prior to filling in. With variations of pressure, you can create some gorgeous natural,yet defined brows in no time.

Gimme Brow

A classic favourite amongst benebabes, and the number two best selling brow product out there, Gimme Brow has been reformulated, re-packaged and brought back to us with an additional shade! I personally use number 3, (currently known to us as 'medium/deep'), so I won't be utilising the additional shade, but for those with warmer toned brows, this will be a staple in your brow routine! Described as a micro-fibre brow gel, this product is designed to give the illusion of fuller looking brows, whilst taming and setting them in place. I'm a huge fan of this product, and I'm pleased to see it remaining on the shelves, better than ever!


I don't think I could gush enough about this product if I tried, but let's give it a go anyway.. 
Ka-Brow! has taken brow gel/pomade to a whole new level. The formula is so slick and smooth, a little goes a very long way. This is the go-to product out of the entire range for me. The angled brow brush is incorporated into the packaging, and is the best I've used. Pretty good going for a brush that comes with the product! I can create the most sleek brows in a second. My preferred way of using this is to 'outline' my eyebrows, defining the arch and elongating the tail, and then fluffing up the front with ol' reliable, Brow Zings! This is a winner for all, thin brows, thick brows, barely there brows, out of control brows, the lot! If you pick up one product from this range, I highly recommend Ka-Brow!

Browvo! Conditioning Primer

This was the product I was most skeptical about.. I mean, who would have thought about priming their brows? Although, if we're priming everything else, why the hell not?!
Packaged similarly to Benefits 'That Gal' primer, and 'Girl Meets Pearl' highlighter, this is another 'twist-up' applicator, and the product seeps out of the small holes at the top ready for some priming. You can use this as a treatment to grow and condition eyebrows, although having naturally thick and full brows, I've been neglecting that option. I guess its primary function is the prep the brows for some styling! It grooms and sets them into place, and helps with the longevity of your eyebrow products once applied.

So there we have it, a little peak at the collection that Benefit will be unleashing on us come June 24th! Make sure you're groomed and ready for this one..

What products are you excited about? Comment below and let me know!
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